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We are excited to announce that OrthoEmporium offer the Propel line of products, including the VPro5™ and the Excellerator™ Series of drivers. The Propel line of products offers both at-home and in-office options. The VPro5 aligner seater can be used at home or on the go in just 5 minutes a day. The Excellerator series of drives are simple to use, in-office orthodontic devices. Together they allow your practice to meet the needs of any patient.

“Whether your patient is looking to prepare for their wedding day, an upcoming graduation, or just simply wants the best possible orthodontic treatment, the Propel line of products can help.”

These revolutionary devices in conjunction with your in-office treatment during a patient’s regularly scheduled appointment. The Excellerator series can be used with both clear aligners and bracket and wire orthodontics.

Propel Orthodontics