DENTMATE was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2007. DENTMATE provides innovative dental material curing units. Our mission is to deliver quality products underpinned by strict adherence to ISO 13485 certification. Most of our products carry CE certification & FDA approval. Our products are distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide. We offer round the clock customer support via phone or e-mail. Our focus is LED products: Dental Curing Lights, Examination Light, Light Curing Machine, Plaque Disclosing Aid, Light Control Dimmer and LED Headlight. Our vision is to become the world's leading electronics manufacturer in the dental industry. Product development, marketing, and sales are done with the customer in mind. As a company with a global footprint in the dental industry, DENTMATE aims to consistently deliver on customer expectations ensuring successful outcomes when our products are used.

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Dentmate LEDEX WL -090+ Curing Light IFU