GNI Ortho

GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art orthodontic products that are developed in Korea and marketed worldwide. GNI ORTHO is recognized as the premier orthodontic products provider to dentists across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe with nine regional offices in mainland China and distribution partners in more than 20 countries throughout Asia. Since 2006, GNI ORTHO has been providing professional quality orthodontic products at the best value in the industry. The GNI Ortho portfolio stands out among the rest with their tried and tested bracket solutions in both the self-ligated and ligated bracket categories. GNI Ortho is also widely regarded as a provider of high-quality cutting edge cortical anchorage solutions, a standalone hybrid aligner system, a versatile IPR system and other game changing solutions. It has since then grown consistently in sales and outreach every year. Its dedication to providing the highest level of product quality, reliable delivery, and personalized service represents GNI ORTHO's firm commitment to gaining and upholding clients' trust and to bringing forth more excellence in the future.