UNIZ Technology is a high-tech company focusing on research and development, production, and sales of 3D printers and photosensitive resin materials. Headquartered in Beijing, it has set up overseas service centres in the United States and the Netherlands, and a manufacturing base in Guangxi, forming a market layout covering the whole world. As the pioneer and leader of LCD photo-curing technology, UNIZ technology has mastered the core technology of software, hardware, and material closed-loop full self-research, with 40 core patents, and self-research consumables have passed CE and FDA certification. UNIZ has a range of 3D printers, post-curing devices, slicing software and a vast range of resins. The 3D printer NBEE combines unfathomable speed, impressive accuracy of ±50μm and remarkable reliability, to provide a real one-stop-shop for dental practices and labs, suitable for everything from aligners models and denture bases to night guards and surgical guides. Chairside 3D printing is the next evolution in one-visit dentistry, allowing practices to offer new same-day services to their patients. Built with this in mind, NBEE addresses completely the needs of high-speed dental 3D printing, enabling users to 3D print a plate of 6 dental models in 5 minutes or 10 clear aligners in 29 minutes. With this world-record speed, NBEE empowers dental professionals to maximize the efficiency of their clinics and to provide the best customized dental care to patients. To reduce the resin smell in dental facilities, UNIZ has recently added U Air to its product portfolio. What’s more, UNIZ also offers a wash system and a cure system, dubbed the U Wash and U Cure, to help dental clinics to achieve a true same-day workflow by making all work steps fast and smooth. We believe that NBEE’s unmatched performance delivers the cutting-edge printing solution to the professionals and visitors.