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Clear aligners offer an alternative treatment option for patients who do not want to have fixed appliances. This segment continues to grow as more adults start orthodontic treatment. Aligners are seen to be an aesthetic alternative to fixed braces. Recent developments show that increasing numbers of teenagers are also requesting aligner treatment rather than fixed braces. Aligner design and manufacturing processes are consistently being refined resulting in improved treatment outcomes. More clinicians are investing in 3D printers with the added option of printing their own models and manufacturing their own aligners.


Ortho Emporium currently offers 3 aligner systems to clinicians. These systems are unique and offer similar but also different benefits and value as it relates to individual cases to be treated. These systems do not require the clinician to complete a certification course. All 3 systems are fully supported by qualified orthodontic practitioners (Orthodontists & Technicians) ensuring the design of sound treatment proposals translating into predictable treatment outcomes and overall excellence. These aligner systems are open systems accepting most intra oral scans with other complimentary records such as photos, cephalometric scans etc. Henry Schein Orthodontics offers the SLX Clear Aligner system with 3 options available based on the severity and classification of the malocclusion of the case. Combined with the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance a Class I platform is established at the beginning of treatment known as the Sagittal First approach dramatically reducing the number of aligners required, reduced treatment time and improved case finishes. Accusmile Aligners from Forestadent offers the clinician three treatment options based on the severity of the case. Forestadent will also develop treatment plans only and provide the clinician with the STL File (Treatment Plan) to print his/her own models and manufacture the aligners inhouse. GNI Ortho offers the Power Aligner system. This system offers the clinician an aligner only treatment option or a hybrid model incorporating 3D designed lingual brackets used in conjunction with the clear aligners. This hybrid system creates rapid tooth movement and improved case finishing possibilities.

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Forestadent Accusmile Aligners
Forestadent - Accusmile Accusmile Aligners
Henry Schein Orthodontics SLX Clear Aligners
Henry Schein Orthodontics SLX Clear Aligners
GNI Ortho Power Aligner System

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