Successful orthodontists agree that a quality adhesive system is paramount to ensure efficient treatment and workflows. Treatment outcomes are severely compromised with untimely debonds due to many factors including surface contamination, inadequate or incorrect surface preparation or incorrect adhesives & primers used on challenging surfaces. With the rapid growth in adult orthodontics the orthodontist is faced with many challenges like bonding to porcelain, gold, zirconia, and composite. To ensure predictable retention and hassle free debonding in the case of porcelain and zirconia the orthodontist must use products and solutions designed specifically for these and other challenging clinical situations.



Reliance Orthodontics is regarded as a global leader in the development of bonding and banding solutions. With 40 years of R&D and collaboration with key opinion leaders Reliance has been introducing new products on a regular basis. All their products are tested extensively before they are brought to market. Reliance products are evaluated and published regularly in all the recognised industry leading journals with excellent reviews. Reliance products will create a strong link in your practice providing you with freedom to concentrate on other clinical aspects during treatment. Reliance has received many accolades from international orthodontic governing bodies in recognition of their continued contribution in the field of orthodontics.  The following products are regarded as industry leaders in its class. GoTo – Light Cure Bracket and Buccal Tube adhesive, Assure Plus – Adhesive for ALL surfaces, Ultra-Band-Lok Resin Based Band Cement, Glass Lock Resin Modified Multi Cure GI Band Cement.


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