Auxiliaries and Accessories

Many auxiliaries such as bondable buttons, bondable cleats, lingual sheaths, closed nitinol springs, open nitinol springs, split crimpable hooks, crimpable power arms, kobayashi hooks, eruption appliances etc are part of everyday products used as complimentary additions to brackets and wires. We stock the most popular items used by clinicians but we will gladly order in any item you want if it is not on the shelf. Our auxiliaries are well priced and good quality.


We have the luxury of selecting the most popular auxiliaries from the manufacturers that we represent. This benefits the orthodontist as Ortho Emporium becomes a “One stop shop” to source all your items from. Forestadent is known for its quality wire auxiliaries example Titanol Up-righting Springs, Preformed Quad Helix, Adams Clasps etc. Henry Schein Orthodontics contribute to the list with their bondable lingual sheaths, photographic mirrors, bondable bite turbos, retainer wire etc. Modern Orthodontics places their focus on the basic items at rock bottom pricing such as crimpable hooks, bondable buttons, bondable cleats, koby-hooks, ligature wire and preformed ligature wire etc. GNI Ortho is the premier contributor in this segment with close on 40 auxiliaries including tongue tamers, eruption appliances, power arms for tads etc. Chances are we will have the size and dimension required of the most popular auxiliaries in stock.


Forestadent Accessories - Power arm, cross tube, sliding hook, stop tube, sliding hook, stop tube slit Cleats and bondable pads
Forestadent Lingual Bracket accessories, Cleats and buttons eruption chain
 Henry Schein Orthodontics Buttons, cleats, Lingual Sheath,
Henry Schein Orthodontics Hooks, Stops. Ligature Wire
 Henry Schein Orthodontics Mirrors, impression trays, mouth guards, retainer boxes, wax
Modern Orthodontics Weldable lingual Buttons, Rewelded Sheath, Rewelded Cleat, Bondable Lingual Cleats Lingual Sheaths, Weldable Lingual Cleats, Direct Bond Lingual Buttons- Round Base
Modern Orthodontics General supplies - Dental mirrors, Wax, Retractors, Flux, Diamond Strips
GNI Ortho IPR System
GNI Ortho Intra Oral Auxilliaries - Split Crimpable Stops , Buttons , Traction Hooks , Bondable Eyelets , Photographic Mirrors etc
GNI Ortho Nichro Pedo Stainless Steel Crowns

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