Bands and Buccal Tubes

Depending on the clinical requirements of each case clinicians often must choose between a pre-welded band or bondable buccal tube especially in Class II cases requiring headgear or intra-oral bite correcting appliances. In most cases bondable buccal tubes are used on the 1st and 2nd molars. In both scenarios we are able to offer plain bands, pre-welded molar bands, bondable buccal tubes and weldable buccal tubes.  With a comprehensive range available to clinicians, we are confident that we can provide tailormade solutions at pricing that suits your individual practice requirements.


Our suppliers offer features, advantages and benefits that are unique to the manufacturer and also their individual range of bands and buccal tubes. Forestadent has many quality buccal tubes.The Tulip range of buccal tubes were designed and developed by Dr Rick McLaughlin and Dr John Bennett and available in the popular MB5.0 Rx. The Comfort Line 3D Buccal tubes offer optimised bond strength via an anatomically shaped smaller pad. The one-piece MIM manufactured tube is nickel free. These tubes are available in convertible and non-convertible options. The W-Fit form band from Forestadent offers a classic form in medium-hard tempered material. The Dura-Fit bands offer a pronounced anatomical contour, hard band material and laser etched for optimized retention. Henry Schein Orthodontics offer various buccal tubes including the Maestro buccal tubes with a low-profile design with rounded edges on the mesio-gingival hook resulting in improved patient comfort. An 80-gauge micro etched bonding pad ensures optimal bond strength. SLX 3D passive self ligating tubes complete the SLX 3D passive self ligating bracket range. Modern Orthodontics offer 2 distinct ranges of buccal tubes in the Afix and Elfin brands. Both these buccal tube ranges adheres to all requirements of high quality efficient buccal tubes including MIM, ultra-low profile, chamfered entry for easy wire insertion, best in-out values and 80-gauge mesh designed for an optimal fit on the 1st and 2nd molars. All Modern Orthodontics buccal tubes are available as pre-welded bands on the AccuForm band. These bands offer a micro-etched interior surface, ideal temper for easy contouring, anatomically contoured for fast placement and accurate fit, a straight interproximal wall makes seating easy and rolled edges for improved patient comfort. All the buccal tubes are available in a variety of prescriptions in 018 and 022 slots. GNI Ortho offers 2 options in their bondable and weldable buccal tube range. The 1G buccal tube range is compatible with 98% of all systems on the market offering 3D anatomically designed bonding bases to fit most tooth profiles. The 4G buccal tubes offer an extra low profile allowing them to be easily incorporated into bracket systems that have very low profiles.


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