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With an increasing number of patients wearing appliances at night to combat the negative effects of bruxism or appliances to address sleep apnea or orthodontic retainers or active aligners the need for a cost effective, easy to use cleaning system is paramount. Provide a service to your patients by making available a non-corrosive product that will maintain the integrity of the appliance whilst doing an excellent job a cleaning.


Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets is a non-corrosive cleaning agent indicated for the effective cleaning of Orthodontic Retainers, Wire Retainers, Aligners, Mouth Guards, Nightguards, Bruxing Appliances and TMJ Appliances. Kills 99% of common odour causing bacteria. Helps to remove plaque and tartar.

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Henry Schein Orthodontics Retainer Brite
Henry Schein Orthodontics Retainer Brite

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