Cortical Anchorage

Temporary Anchorage Devices have increased in popularity among orthodontists due to the versatility it offers in terms of treatment mechanics. In certain cases, conventional anchorage mechanics are often a challenge. TADS offer a variety of options and solutions to apply mechanics minimizing unwanted tooth movement because of challenging anchorage situations. TADS work well for molar intrusion, molar up-righting, mass retraction of the anterior segment etc. TADS are often incorporated into treatment concepts in conjunction with laboratory designed and manufactured appliances.


TADS are used in both the buccal labial segments and in the palate. OrthoEasy from Forestadent is used by clinicians all over the world with great success. The OrthoEasy system is well documented, case studies published and referenced in leading orthodontic journals demonstrating its clinical applications and efficiency. The OrthoEasy cortical anchorage system is easy to use requiring minimal investment in inventory. Consisting primarily of a driver, adapter blades for use on the buccal/labial and palatal areas. Three screws 6mm, 8mm, 10mm are available for buccal procedures with the PAL screw designed for use in the palate and easily integrated with a variety of appliances that require anchorage in the palate i.e the Frog II appliance etc. GNI Ortho Smart Anchor Mini Screws and Infrazygomatic Screws offers both conventional tads with the most comprehensive screw designs, specifications and sizes available on the market today as well as an extensive range of IZ (Infrazygomatic) screws. GNI Ortho is in the process of developing new components such as plates to further enhance their already innovative system. Modern Orthodontics makes the introduction of TADS into the practice as simple as it gets with their cost-effective driver and screws set.


Forestadent OrthoEasy
Modern Orthodontics Micro Screws, screw Driver
GNI Ortho Smart Anchor Cortical Anchorage System

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