Curing Lights

Most clinicians use light cured materials which allows them to make sure the bracket is placed correctly before attaching it to the tooth. With continued innovation in light curing technology including improvements in the photo-initiators leading to dramatically reduced curing time, often requires the use of curing lights that are indicated and manufactured for use with these new and improved adhesive pastes and adhesive primers. Time is money and with a constant drive to simplify and reduce chair time by improving bonding and banding time, the overall saving in time can be spent attending to other matters including seeing more patients.


Dentmate is a manufacturer of high quality innovative curing lights. Dentmate curing lights perform well in studies conducted by global KOL’s compared to other premium curing lights. Dentmate offers various options to address a variety of individual clinical needs. For the orthodontic practice the Dentmate -W90 offers excellent value with 7 curing options including a special setting for ortho. The Dentmate -W90+ offers  additional features including plaque detection  and caries detection modes. The Dentmate lights are well priced and offers excellent value for money. With very low maintenance costs it is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the clinician.


Dentmate Ledex-TM-WL-090-Plus
Dentmate Ledex-TM WL-090

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