Elastomerics is a crucial component in every practice. Quality elastomerics provides peace of mind for the orthodontist and the patient delivering consistent, efficient, predictable forces to ensure optimal tooth movement. Ortho Emporium provides high quality elastomeric products to customers sourced from reputable manufacturers globally such as Henry Schein Orthodontics, Modern Orthodontics , GNI Ortho and Forestadent. These manufacturers adhere to various international health & safety regulatory requirements such as ISO, FDA, CE and other quality measuring systems. This gives the customer confidence in our products and protects the patient against potential adverse reactions caused by sub-standard products. All our elastomeric products are made from surgical grade latex. Some individual products within the elastomerics range are available in a latex free option for those patients that may present with adverse reactions or allergic to latex.


All the agencies we represent have many similarities in terms of the variety of elastomeric products. Spoilt for choice we are able to assemble the best possible mix to ensure the most popular items are included in our portfolio striking a balance between clinical effectiveness and cost. Forestadent has chain elastic designed especially for application during lingual treatment. Henry Schein Orthodontics feature prominently with their Safari Intra Oral Elastics. These elastics are available in a variety of sizes and forces including 1/8”,3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8” with 3 force applications i.e 2.5oz, 4.5oz and 6.5oz. Extra oral elastics for use with face masks are also a popular elastomeric item from Henry Schein Orthodontics. GNI Ortho provides a perfect blend between coloured ligature elastics and matching coloured chain elastics. Choose from exciting vibrant colours. Finally Modern Orthodontics brings it all together with a cost-effective package ranging from ligature elastics, thread, tubing and separating elastics.


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