As a user, what you expect above all from your compressor and compressed air treatment system is a dependable supply of oil-free, dry, and hygienic compressed air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter whether for a dental laboratory or preclinical university training, reliable compressed air is the most important requirement to ensure satisfied customers and successful studies.

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN provides the perfect technical solutions for your dental compressed air needs together with significant advantages:

  • Reliable compliance with the requirements and recommendations of dental material manufacturers.
  • Effective contribution to the assurance of high-quality dental work.
  • Long, dependable service life for your technical equipment.



Dental technology

A dental facility cannot operate without a dependable supply of quality compressed air. No matter whether using simple hand-held air nozzles, or modern CAD/CAM systems with high compressed air demand, compressed air is essential to ensure a dental facility’s success. KAESER has the ideal custom solution for every compressed air need and work requirement. It is also possible to retrofit an existing compressed air system with a refrigeration dryer and filters – with no loss of compressed air output in the form of purge air. This allows compressed air quality to be adjusted according to requirement.


Modern CAD/CAM milling and grinding machines require large volumes of oil-free, dry and clean compressed air. For rapid amortisation of investments, the systems need to run around the clock, even on weekends if possible. This imposes heavy demands on the compressed air supply. KAESER compressors and compressed air treatment components are more than up to the challenge.


At universities, a reliable compressed air supply enables professors and students alike to focus on research and learning. A central compressor station ensures a cost-effective and dependable compressed air supply. A well-designed station like this can deliver a reliable supply of quality compressed air to hundreds of student training chairs and large dental technology laboratories.

Customer Feedback

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