A well-functioning laboratory consistently manufactures quality appliances that are durable and works well over the intended period of its clinical use. This is achieved using quality products and processes that are tried and tested. We offer many high-quality products and laboratory instruments such as wire benders & cutters that are used daily especially in orthodontic laboratories. It is therefore accepted as fact that there is a direct correlation between the appliance manufacturing processes and improved patient compliance and satisfaction. The direct cost of remakes and loss of treatment time due to inferior appliances drives the professional dental technician to apply careful consideration when choosing laboratory products.



Our portfolio consists of quality products, some of which are regarded as best in its class globally. Forestadent is regarded as a global leader in the manufacture of quality and high precision products and materials. Their orthodontic screws still lead the pack of manufacturers globally. The Snap-Lock RPE is regarded as best in its class by Mills. Quality laboratory wire adhere to exact bending protocols. Henry Schein Orthodontics have many products including retainer cases, solder/flux sticks & ball clasps. Modern Orthodontics offer a cost-effective laboratory products such as wire, RPE’s, silver solder & model base formers. TASK instrument manufacturing company based in Japan add to the laboratory products with quality instruments. Ergonomically designed with the technician in mind working with TASK instruments will be enjoyable. Finally, JOTA Swiss Rotary Instruments will make the trimming of plaster models, reduction of acrylic surfaces and smoothing of retainer/aligner edges a breeze. Rated among the best rotary instrument ranges in the world and sure to outlast and outperform most of its competitors.


Forestadent Snap Lock Expander, Expansion screws, Lab Wire, Clasps, Etc
Modern Orthodontics Typodonts, Silver Solder, Flux, Lab Wire, RPE expansion screws
Henry Schein Orthodontics Leone Rapid Palatal expander
Task 12.1 Laboratory pliers
Task 12.1 Bar benders
Task 12.1 Plaster Model Instruments
Task 12.1 Articulators
Task 12.1 Measuring instruments
Task 12.1 Maintenance products
Task 12.1 Replacements

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