Motion and Functional Appliances

Ongoing improvements of orthodontic appliances designed to be placed chairside not requiring laboratory work to treat Class II and Class III cases are transforming the way orthodontics is performed. The traditional way of treating these cases with facebows or facemasks is fast loosing traction due to low or non-compliance. Improved aesthetics whilst wearing the latest generation of Class II and III appliances significantly improves patient acceptance of these treatment modalities. The option of immediate placement is also very appealing to both clinician and patient as it saves time and money for everyone. Most of the modern appliances require a small inventory of the popular sizes or of the actual appliance to be fitted.


Ortho Emporium offers a variety of proven intra-oral and extra-oral appliances designed and developed by global KOL’s in conjunction with reputable manufacturers such as Forestadent and Henry Schein Orthodontics. These appliances are proven to be effective in the treatment of Class II and Class III cases and used widely by clinicians across the globe. Henry Schein Orthodontics has been collaborating with Dr Luis Carriere to develop the Motion 3D Appliance indicated for Class II & Class III correction. Following the “SAGITTAL FIRST” concept by placing these appliances at the beginning of treatment before braces or aligners are fitted a Class I canine first molar platform can be achieved followed by aligner or fixed orthodontics. This concept is extremely popular and still gaining ground globally. Carriere Motion 3D today is the most widely used Class II corrector globally. The Twin Force Bite Corrector is another popular device. This device can be placed to correct Class II or Class III malocclusion. Patient compliance is not required. Henry Schein Orthodontics have numerous other devices to correct Class II & III malocclusions and arch development devices including the Multi Distalizing Arch (MDA) , Transforce 2 Arch Development System , Nitanium Palatal Expander , Nitanium Molar Rotator & Headgear/Facebows. Forestadent offer a variety of Class II and III correction devices ranging from traditional appliances such as Functional Mandibular Advancer (FMA) , Easy Fit Jumper Appliance & Bite Jumping Device. Launched recently is the SARA Appliance which can be described as an advanced repositioning appliance. Forestadent also offers a premium range of headgear/cervical pull devices. Modern Orthodontics brings a very cost effective range of headgear/cervical neck straps and facebows with traction modules. GNI Ortho provides the basic elements of headgear to facilitate Class II and III correction.


Henry Schein Orthodontics Carriere Motion 3D Class II & III Appliances
Henry Schein Orthodontics Headgear , Facebows , Face Masks Traction Devices , Elastics
Forestadent FMA - Functional Mandibular Advancer
Forestadent Easy Fit Jumper Appliance
Forestadent SARA Advanced Repositioning Appliance
Forestadent Headgear, Facebows, Face Masks, Traction Devices, Elastics
GNI Multi Ajustable Face Mask " Delaire"
Henry Schein Orthodontics Twin Force Bite Corrector Appliance Class II & III
Henry Schein Orthodontics Transforce 2 Arch Development System
Henry Schein Orthodontics Multi Distalizing Arch (MDA)
Henry Schein Orthodontics Nitanium Palatal Expander
Henry Schein Orthodontics Nitanium Molar Rotator
Modern Orthodontics Headgear, Facebows, Face Masks, Traction Devices

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