Oral Care – Prophylaxis

The value of effective oral care is often overlooked with devastating consequences. In the absence of effective daily oral care protocols including aspects such as inconsistent brushing, incorrect brushing techniques, diabetics and cancer patients, dry mouth (xerostomia) patients put themselves at risk of developing medical conditions including myocarditis. Effective and adequate oral care is therefore paramount to ensure a healthy smile and a healthy body. A comprehensive range of products to clean all surface areas, preventative solutions applications such as toothpastes and fluoride are therefore required for adults and children.



Paro – Swiss Oral Care and Prophylaxis System. This innovative range of premium oral care products provide effective and efficient oral care. Paro products offer solutions to adults and children. Paro Amin Kids and Paro Amin are popular with adjusted fluoride content for adults and children. Remineralising tooth structure and preventing caries formation is what’s paramount especially after orthodontic treatment. Complimentary mouthwashes complete this section. An extensive range of procedure specific toothbrushes awaits the patient. Ortho Brushes, Surgical Brushes, Denture Brushes are just some of the speciality brushes that are available. As interdental areas make up one third of the tooth structure it is critical that these areas are cleaned thoroughly. The 3 Star Interdental brush provides an efficient clean up due to its patented design. A wide range of flosses and tapes compliments the interdental cleaning solutions from Paro. With many other unique products available from Paro, you are spoilt for choice as you plan your oral care protocol.


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