Pliers and Instruments

To maintain efficient workflows in the practice and the laboratory the contribution quality instruments make is often underestimated. Fit for purpose instruments improves the patient and staff experiences as the clinical procedures are conducted. Quality instruments means less down time, less costly maintenance, and replacement.


With all our agencies combined we can source at least 99% of all your instrument requirements. Our instruments come from reputable international manufacturers who have a proud tradition of quality and service. Using quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing processes some of these instruments carry lifetime warranties and guaranties. From very basic instruments to high tech instruments, we can cater for all treatment techniques and modalities. Select from the catalogues of Forestadent, Henry Schein Orthodontics, Modern Orthodontics, GNI Ortho & TASK.


Forestadent Pliers & instruments
Henry Schein Orthodontics Instruments
Modern Orthodontics German steel, Premium instruments
Task 12.1 Stripping instruments
Task 12.1 Aligner Pliers
Task 12.1 Cutting pliers
Task 12.1 Utility pliers
Task 12.1 Bending pliers
Task 12.1 Convertible Cap Removing Pliers
Task 12.1 Banding pliers
Task 12.1 Arch forming Instruments
Task 12.1 Debonding pliers
Task 12.1 Crimping pliers
Task 12.1 Bonding Instruments
Task 12.1 Ligating instruments
Task 12.1 Retractors
Task 12.1 Dental photo mirrors
Task 12.1 Plaster nippers
Task 12.1 Wax and porcelain Carvers
Task 12.1 Hand resin former
Task 12.1 Wax instruments
Task 12.1 Spatulas
Task 12.1 Wax shaping Instruments
Task 12.1 Cement Spatula
Task 12.1 Laboratory pliers
Task 12.1 Bar bender
Task 12.1 Plaster Model Instruments
Task 12.1 Articulators
Task 12.1 Measuring instruments
Task 12.1 Maintenance products
Task 12.1 Replacements
GNI Ortho Pliers - Cutters & Instruments

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