Retainer and Aligner Material

Clear retainer and aligner material is increasingly becoming part of everyday dentistry and orthodontics. The clinician and lab technician have a greater range of materials and specifications to choose from. With continuous improvement of these materials the quality of Orthodontic Retainers, Active Aligners, Bite Plates, Splints, Anti-Snoring Splints, Bruxism Appliances, Bleaching Trays, Fluoridation Trays can be improved. This group of materials is seeing constant improvements in quality and versatility driven by increased demand for active aligners. For a product to be successful today it must be robust yet aesthetic to prevent deformation, resistance to cracks, stress retention resistance and achieve optimal optical clarity. The material should also be easy to work with, easy to fit, durable and aesthetic over the period of its use. A great premium is placed on these products to be free of harmful ingredients such as BPA and other harmful additives.


We distribute two leading global brands in TAGLUS and TRACK from Forestadent. Both manufacturers have products that offer specific features, advantages, and benefits. TAGLUS is widely regarded to be a global leader in the field of retainer and aligner material. TAGLUS caries various global certifications and marks of quality and standards. TAGLUS consistently improves their products to meet the highest expectations of clinicians, technicians, and patients. By utilizing patented processes TAGLUS is able to maintain its competitive advantage across all its product categories. The TAGLUS portfolio includes TAGLUS Standard, TAGLUS Premium, TAGLUS Tuff, TAGLUS Pu Flex, TAGLUS Arch, TAGLUS Resin 3D Printing & TAGLUS Titanium Blanks. Forestadent offers the TRACK range of aligner/retainer materials. Tried and tested the TRACK A, B, C vacuum forming sheets provide reliable, consistent retainers, aligners, splints time after time. TRACK is a cost-effective solution. Available in round sheets only.

Brochures and Catalogues

Taglus Taglus PU Flex Aligner Retainer Material Aligners Retainer material - Square and Round
Taglus Taglus Premium Aligner Retainer Material Aligner Retainer material - Square and Round
Taglus Taglus Standard Aligner Retainer Material Titanium Blanks for milling
Taglus TAGLUS Tuff Retainer Material Retainer Material - Round
Taglus TAGLUS Arch TAGLUS Arch
Taglus TAGLUS 3D Printing Resin Resin for 3D printing
Taglus TAGLUS Titanium Blanks Titanium blanks for milling
Forestadent TRACK Thermoforming Foils Thermoforming materials
Forestadent TRACK V Vacuum Thermoforming Unit Unit for aligner retainer manufacture
Forestadent TRACK Pci Pressure Forming Unit Unit for aligner retainer manufacture
Henry Schein Orthodontics Ultra Clear Retainer Material Orthodontic retainer material

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