Rotary Instruments

Rotary instruments are used extensively within all fields of dentistry. There is a direct relationship between the quality of the outcome of any procedure in dentistry where rotary instruments are used and the quality and applicability of such instruments. Inferior quality products often cause unwanted side effects during the procedure with increased risk to the tooth structure or surrounding soft tissue. Whether you are doing invasive procedures or removing adhesive and cleaning up the teeth after orthodontic treatment it is imperative to use the correct rotary and handpiece combination. Some research in this area is often very helpful to ensure that best practice is applied especially in circumstances where these procedures are done by auxiliary staff.


JOTA swiss rotary instruments have a history dating back over 100 years. JOTA is highly respected across the globe for the state-of-the -art precision manufactured instruments. As a leading global manufacturer JOTA consistently looks to innovate and bring new solutions to the markets it serves i.e dentistry, podiatry, and jewelry. The extensive range of JOTA instruments caters to every need in all fields in dentistry i.e orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, laboratory, CAD CAM, endodontics etc. JOTA swiss rotary instruments are driven by stringent quality management system in ISO, CE, FDA, and other certification standards to ensure the highest standards. JOTA is always looking to provide the clinician with solutions to execute procedures more efficiently and as a result has introduced pre-packed rotary kits in an easy to follow procedure format making most procedures simple, predictable, and consistently repeatable. These kits are available in a variety of combinations, covering all the disciplines in dentistry. To replenish simply refer to the code placed on the instrument kit organizer ensuring the correct item is ordered. Reliance Orthodontics is a specialist orthodontics adhesives manufacturer and offer burs & polishing points to remove adhesive during the debonding/ debanding process. Order your RENEW burs and polishing points with peace of mind.


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